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Celtic Clothing

We have a wonderful custom clothing line.  What does custom mean for our customers?  It means that each item is fit to your specific measurements, that you get to pick your colors (even if you do not see the color on the site, we can do it just ask!) and your trim selections.  You get to make all these choices and our seamstress will make you the dress or outfit of your dreams.  We also have some of the nicest ritual robes as well. Ladies are you tired of ill fitting ritual robes, our high priestess robes make you look and feel like a goddess.  Men, no longer do you need to settle for a T tunic, our high priest robe is a giant step up.  All items are blessed before they go out, so they will reach you fresh and ready to go!  Check out our amazing celtic pagan designs.  Oh and Ladies, we also make men's clothing, so you could have the perfect outfit made for your man that will not make him look silly!