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Candle Colors

Wiccan Spell Candle Color MeaningsCandle Color Meanings
In Celtic Paganism, magick is an important tool for connecting with the Spiritual and Physical worlds around us. Magick is often focused in the form of a spell. Most Pagan spells & rituals involve tools used to symbolize and focus energy. Along with wands, crystal balls, athames, swords, incense, music and besoms (brooms) , candles are often used to mark quarters, represent elements, honor Gods and Goddesses and to focus and direct a Pagan's will. Candles are available in a wide variety of colors. In the same way that they occupy a specific frequency of the visual light spectrum, colors are believed to vibrate at specific frequecies. The frequencies can also be connected to specific emotions, planets, seasons, activities, materials and other themes. So, based on the color, a candle can be associated with specific themes. For the most fundamental ritual activities, you would use Silver or White for the Goddess, Gold or Green for the God, and for the four Quarters, you would use Green or Brown for North/Earth, Yellow/White for East/Air, Red/Orange for South/Fire, Blue for West/Water. But there are countless other associations for candle colors. The following table gives some common themes and their color associations;
Cleansing, purity, truth
Strength, Vigor, Passion
Light Blue
Tranquility, Health, Patience
Dark Blue
Depression, Changeability
Finance, Luck, Fertility
The God
Attraction, Charm, confidence
Uncertainty, Neutrality, Prosperity
Honor, Love
Loss, Banishment
Business, Power, Progress
The Goddess
Cancellation, Neutrality, Unblocking
Adaptability, Stimulation, Legal
Lt Green
Jealousy, Discord, Anger