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Moon Phases

Wicca Moon PhasesLook online or in any book on magick and you will see talk of the moon phases. Moon phases are very simple; as is the magick most people will perform in conjunction with them. Listed below are the phases of the moon and the magickal workings associated with each:
 New Moon
This is the time some call ‘Dark of the moon’, the 1st 12 hours of a new moon are best for high-powered banishing/releasing spells. Remember; in these spells, when something is removed it leaves a void, so you must have something to fill it with, something cleansing and positive, or your spell may not work they way you wish.

 Waxing Moon (also know as the first crescent).
This is the time for spells of attraction or drawing (bringing things into your life, re-attuning the energies as it were). Spells help you to create a loving environment, prosperity in life, good health, and things like that. It’s a time for Positive magick.

Full Moon Wiccan Spell Magick Full Moon
Many folks like to have an Esbat Ritual /Moon Circle at this time, whether solitary or with a coven. It’s a time for Strong Positive spell work, in-depth meditations, soul journeys and drawing down. Nothing feels better than taking a moment to stand in the moonlight, feeling it cover you in its silver glow. Now that is a spell in and of itself.

 Waning Moon (Last Crescent)
A time for Spells that release. Do you have old issues holding you back, a need to cleanse negativity from your life? Remember magick is not a quick fix, but as we use it we learn more about ourselves and can make ourselves better people…a gift that is beyond price but something only we ourselves can do. 

As you perform spell work, take time to look back and see how your spells have changed over time. Do you try new herbs or oils? Are you experimenting with inks and candle colors? Have you learned to write spells no matter the phase of the moon? Keep a journal or record of your magickal and ritual activities to keep in your Book Of Shadows.