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Irish Dresses

Irish Dresses

Celtic Knotwork Trim OptionsIrish Dress and KiltThese Irish Dresses are designed to be 80% historically accurate for 15th century Ireland, while keeping with some more modern conveniences (as in Steel grommets and boning).
All our Irish dresses are custom made, so please make sure that you give good honest measurements, otherwise you may get an improper fit.

All of our Irish dresses and Irish chemises are made from 100% preshrunk cotton and the finest trims available.

There are quite a few trim options at this time, check out our trim selection images listed for the Irish dresses.  There are 3 1 inch trims currently to pick from, Celtic Knotwork in Silver, Copper & Gold; or Celitc Beastie, a 2 inch trim in many different colors.

The Irish dresses can be made in the colors shown above, plus 7 more colors ( if you do not see the color you want, we will find it for you), 11 choices in all.
There is also the option of no trim.
The cost of just the Irish dress is $150; the Irish chemise (that is worn under the dress) is $35. 
You can purchase both together and gain a discount of $15, with the whole outfit costing $170. 

These Irish dresses take approx. 3-4 weeks to make and delivery time very from 2 days to 10 (depending on if you are in the US or out of country), express deliver and rush orders will add extra to the cost. 
These are one of a kind Irish Dresses so there are no refunds; please remember this when you send in your measurements using the chart we have provided.  It is very important to send us correct measurements so the dresses will fit like a dream.  This is the advantage to ordering our irish dress from us as verses sites that sell cheaper but not custom dresses, we will always give you a dress that is fitted to you...not a size that will fit SOME of you, sort of.

Since these are custom Irish Dresses we will work with you if you need special colors not listed or if there are other needs to consider.  We are the ones you will want to work with, we can make you the perfect Irish Celtic Dress!

Are you looking to order for a wedding or event, contact us to find out about our wedding and event discount coupons.

Irish Dress in Green
  • 80% historically accurate for 15th century Ireland (with some modern conveniences)
  • steel grommets and boning
  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • finest trims available
  • Custom made to your measurements

Choice of Colors:
Green, Red, Blue, Gold, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Purple, Burgundy, Pink, and Yellow.
Choice of trim:
Celtic Knotwork, Celtic Beastie, or none
With or without Chemise

Irish dress now available in Linen ( in limited color selection).
See all pricing, colors and options, along with all the beautiful Celtic Knotwork Trim options on the Irish Dress Product Page
If you want a color other than those listed, just place your order and enter your desired color in the comments field at checkout.  We also have group and quanitity discounts, ask us about them!
Contact us with any questions, we're happy to help!